The art of concrete staining is one that has come to be a favorite amongst a lot of people. Applying a concrete stain to the floor is usually a way to get an attractive and unique floor finishing at a good price too.

Concrete staining is usually ideal for houses with pet and kids. This is because wood and carpets tend to go capture pet fur as well as moisture, making them tedious to take care of or even smell. When concrete is sealed properly, it has the ability to resist stains, scratches and even fading. It most cases, it can resist chemical spills.

A stained concrete floor is usually greatly energy efficient and thus, they are good conductors of heat and they tend to work perfectly with a radiant floor system. In some solar homes, these floors are used in absorbing the sunlight during the day and they release the absorbed heat into the house once the sun is down.

What is the price range for getting concrete staining?

To get concrete staining, you have to very aware of just how much it would cost and the good thing about them is that they align just fine with the cost of other forms of installed flooring. The cost range of getting a concrete floor is usually $2 to $35 per square foot, all depending on just how complex you want your design and your floor to be.

Already existing concrete floors which are all ready for concrete staining would cost a lot lower and have a cheaper price range whereas newly made and installed concrete floors made with all the custom details are usually more expensive and have a relatively higher price range. you should also be assured that floor Which is costlier are usually worth every Penny. This is because they require low maintenance and are very durable. They can look that way for so many years to come and perhaps a lifetime.

What are Other advantages of getting concrete staining?

What are other advantages of getting a concrete floor excluding the fact they are beautiful, children and pet-friendly and also last a longer period of time than most floor finishing installs?

Other advantages include the fact that when it’s time to sell your home, or you feel like getting a new type of floor install, you can just cover it with the new flooring of your choices such as carpeting, tiles and even wood.

What are the cons of concrete floor staining?

When it comes to concrete staining, it tends to feel cold and hard and is usually uncomfortable to your feet when you stand on it for a long time. They also tend to shatter glassware and China which are dropped on them, plus they take a long time to install them, stain as well as customize them. The slabs of concrete in a new house will need to be cured just before staining can proceed. And it can take weeks for newly poured concrete floors to be ready.